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Bitcoin of Gaming Cryptocurrency

Why Choose FUNJO ?

A unique payment instrument, can be purchased on top cryptocurrency exchanges and is compatible with well-known crypto wallets.

Its Important to know

How Funjo Works ?

Our Gaming Apps are developed under the decentralized group of developers community and tested by verified gamers who are incentivised by FUNJO token.

Funjo Funding

Raise funds for development

Develop Games

Set tournament for FUNJO rewards

Explore token

Reach FUNJO to maximum wallets.

The Funjo Network

Play. Earn . Pay

As an utility token, it is anticipated that FUNJO holders will be able to spend it in all walks of life, such as purchasing Games ,daily goods or audio/video entertainment services. Funjo is also actively seeking for partnerships. Stayed tuned!

Gaming Environment

Funjo Payments for developing games.

Mainstream Environment

Pay Funjo tokens for daly life services with registered providers.

Learn, Play, Earn

Funjo Coin

The Coin is designed to Pay and Trade on all platforms

Coin Value estimated to take to $1 / FUNJO

Next Listing on : Poloniex , Coinsbit, UniSwap

TRC-20 and Blockchain 18 Decimal token

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Referral commission and

Coin Distribution

With the total Supply of 99900000 FUNJO which is distributed in supply. ROI and rewards and 3% for Community.


Gaming Reserve


Referral Reserve


Helping Community


Community Reserve


Reward Reserve


Initial Coin Price

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